Eleventh Hour… again

30 05 2007

I am not new to packing. I have done probably more than my fair share of this (at times) daunting task. In fact, I’ve pretend-packed and pseudo-packed and pre-packed and hasty-packed and re-packed and day-dream-packed and real-packed and then re-packed again for countless trips and vacations and adventures. So there really is only one question that I have left to ask about packing… WHY DO I WAIT UNTIL THE LAST POSSIBLE SECOND TO START PACKING?????

It’s closing in on 11 p.m. here in Atlanta, and the lights are still burning bright in my little house, because – you guessed it – I’m packing. Now, I’m not leaving the country, and I’m only going to be gone for 3 nights… but this might be my most difficult packing challenge to date. I’m going up to The N.C. for one of my favorite friend’s wedding. Which means there are scads of very different occasions that will require very different clothing choices. Thursday night hang-out, Friday errands, Friday night rehearsal dinner, Friday night post-rehearsal dinner fun, Saturday pre-wedding, Saturday wedding attire, Saturday night post-wedding bash, Sunday – hmmmm, come to think of it, I haven’t even gotten to Sunday yet in any conversation I’ve had with anyone up there – so there may be Sunday brunch or Sunday hang-out or just Sunday-drive-back-to-Atlanta… all in all, I could technically be working towards arranging for TEN separate ensembles. And everyone knows that I don’t “double-dip” on shoes. I’m totally going to be That Girl who’s dragging three bulging suitcases around all weekend long. Not that it would surprise anyone. *sigh* And girls have the added craziness of Products. Hair products, nail products, facial products, scented products, and all sorts of masochistic torture devices like tweezers and flat irons and razors that turn us into the beautiful creatures we present to the world every day! Needless to say, we have space issues in my house tonight.

There’s the horrible buzz from dryer signaling the hopeful dryness and wrinkle-free-ness of the clothes I’ll soon be shoving into every nook and cranny of a small-ish suitcase… and other small-ish bag. And that’s IT. And two purses… maybe three? Oh, but where will my shoes go?????


Short week

28 05 2007

It was SO not fun to have to leave my house this morning and go into work, knowing that my friends were still here! They ended up leaving around 8:30 a.m. so I guess I would have been all alone in my house all day long – instead of just all evening long. So I suppose it was good that I worked the holiday, if only to save me from an entire day of loneliness. Oh, and the money, too. Right. Since I’m about to buy a house and all!

Such a fun weekend with two of my favorite people! We did some exploring of little neighborhoods and ate at a couple of great-find restaurants. We went to this borderline-creepy-looking bar/grill/pub/restaurant called Vortex in a neighborhood called Little Five Points (don’t ask me what that’s all about) and despite the intimidating exterior (or maybe quite appropriately) they serve ROGUE DEAD GUY ALE!!! *grin* And they have McMenamins-worthy tater-tots! Needless to say, I’ll return to Vortex.

Only three more days of work this week… I’m heading up to North Carolina on Thursday right after work for a fun weekend and a wedding, too. (I have a beautiful dress and fabulous shoes!… surprise, surprise, I know!) But either tomorrow or Wednesday it is IMPERATIVE that I get a pedicure, and probably a manicure, too. My poor feet are still suffering the ill effects of a whirl-wind of house-packing and a cross-country road trip. And it’ll mark the end of my first month at my new job… definitely the “toe-nail anniversary” if ever there was one!

It’s quiet in my house tonight. A far cry from the chatter and boisterous laughter that has filled my rooms and my heart for the past three days. That’s the one downside to having great company… they always have to leave.

Girls Weekend!

25 05 2007

Two of my very favorite friends are coming over to my house to play! Allison and Laura (both fellow PTs and former PT classmates in The Cullowhee-ner) are heading down I-85 as we speak – or at least as I type – en route to me and a weekend full of fun and shopping and hanging out and laughter and togetherness… and probably a bunch more stuff too! You just never know what kind of fabulous adventures the three of us will have! And the best part about friends like us, is that there doesn’t need to be any adventure at all… if we did nothing but stay home, order in (or god-forbid COOK in my kitchen?!), and watch movies or paint toenails or just chat, we’d all say that it was the best weekend ever.

The Decatur Arts Festival is this weekend. And the Atlanta Jazz Festival. I also discovered a “gym” (term used VERY loosely!) that offers two very tantilizingly-named classes – “Stiletto Fitness” and “Pole Dancing.” Now, I am more than intrigued, to say the least, but I don’t know how keen my girlfriends would be on me taking them to a place called Aphrodite’s Toy Box… at least not on their first trip to see me. And anyway, the classes are ongoing, so perhaps sometime soon I’ll be relating my Adventures in Stilettos???

There are also all sorts of fun little spots I’ve touched upon or driven by but haven’t fully explored… Little Five Points, Virginia-Highlands, downtown Decatur… It’s going to be a spectacular weekend!!!

Happy Memorial Day to all of you! Welcome to Summer 2007!!!

And the winner is…

23 05 2007

… ME! (well, me and Jordin) How am I SO good at choosing American Idol winners?! For the record, I picked Kelly Clarkson AND Carrie Underwood, and both from very early in the audition rounds. And I also picked Diana DeGarmo and Katharine McPhee – and both of them ended up in the finals, too. (I can’t remember who I liked the best from the Clay/Reuben season – or anyone else besides the two of them – so obviously the talent base that season wasn’t quite up-to-par) And tonight you can all go ahead and chalk another one up in the Kristen Is Right column! Can’t wait for the CD – I hope they don’t “sugar-pop” her up too much because I want to LOVE it! Oh, how I enjoy being right!

Some people get so fickle about this show. I know several people who threw in the towel once Sanjaya started moving up the ranks, and many more who did the same when Melinda was voted off. That’s just a poor showing. You can’t just bail! Go big, or go home, I say. Perhaps I can say that so easily because ALL MY FAVORITES ARE ALWAYS IN THE FINALS! Go, Kristen.

So, all of my shows have wrapped for the season. Wonder what topics the lunch-table conversations will move on to now? I mean, I think we’ve all pretty much covered all things Paris Hilton… Paris + Prison = FABULOUS!… and Britney’s no fun to talk about anymore… except for the ongoing speculation over “surgery vs crash diet?” Luckily, in our field of work, our patients lend themselves to plenty of entertaining stories… as long as everyone knows to be mindful and censor accordingly, because, seriously, we ARE eating.

Black Lung

22 05 2007

Seriously… I don’t think that the air quality of the ACTUAL burning of Atlanta could have possibly been worse than today. Apparently there is some raging wildfire in south Georgia somewhere, and last night the winds shifted to blanket the city in a smoky haze. But as bad as the view was (I couldn’t see the tops of the buildings as I drove through the city this morning), it was the respiratory struggle that about did me in. I almost think I should have been treated for smoke inhalation by the end of the day. Especially because it infiltrated every hallway of the hospital – that’s what happens, I guess, when there is the constant in-and-out through sliding glass doors on all sides of the hospital. It doesn’t help, either, that I’m battling some allergy-induced sinus issues on top of the day… or maybe BECAUSE of the day? Either way, I haven’t been able to breathe all day, and I have a splitting headache… and the Black Lung.

But here’s a little silver-lining for the Oregonians out there – you can still buy Sudafed off the shelf at the grocery stores here! So I’ve got that going for me.

Here’s hoping that the winds shift again very soon. At least the winds that brought the smothering smoke to my city.


21 05 2007

There is always at least one interesting topic of conversation being discussed in the Inpatient Rehab office… two of my recent favorites involve regional food differences and the ever-confusing liquor laws.

Some very Southern delicacies I’m learning about… sweet tea, butter beans, grits, fried ANYTHING, biscuits-and-gravy… *note: I said “learning about” not “eating every day”

Some very Pacific NW delicacies I’ve been raving about… McMenamins’ microbrews, straw-, rasp-, blackberries, Kettle Chips.

And you thought that the O.L.C.C. had strict rules… Down here in “The Bible Belt” there are RULES. Sundays = off limits for the liquor consumer. As in, you can’t buy it. Even in restaurants. Except you CAN get beer and/or wine. In restaurants. And some stores. But not all of them. So, no drinking on God’s Day… except wasn’t Jesus the one who was turning water into wine all the time?!?! And since I like being able to contribute, I got to give everyone a huge kick out of the idea of the hard liquor aisles in regular old grocery stores in California!

It hit me suddenly today just how much I miss my afternoon coffee breaks with Brad and Laura! Today I happened to look up at the clock as it neared 4:00 p.m. and I almost went to a computer to send out a “Java?!” text page. *sigh*

new Grba-cousin!!!

19 05 2007

This is Lily Grbavac Starner – and big sister Grace!

Lily and Grace

Oh, I’ve got to get up North to see my fun family soon!!! We had a fabulous Grbavac family reunion (yes, complete with t-shirts!) last summer, and I think it made all of us want to hang out more! And now that I live “so close,” I’m looking forward to getting up there soon… maybe later this fall sometime – when I can start using my vacation time!

As for my Atlanta-life… Things are still moving forward with the house procurement. If anything, this house and starting my new job will serve to teach me PATIENCE. I can’t have everything immediately… though most times it seems that I usually do, which probably makes the waiting process even more trying for me.

*Happy Birthday wishes to my brother, Scott!*