Sump Pump: 1 – Kristen: 0

29 06 2007

So it was only my 3rd night sleeping in my house, so I still feel that I’m entitled to a little bit of a breaking-in period. There are all sorts of new noises and sounds that I have yet to become accustomed to, and then yesterday the mother of all thunderstorms settled in. It rained (and I mean R-A-I-N-E-D) from a little before 9 p.m. until well after 1 a.m. And I don’t have those lovely double-paned, energy-efficient, noise-reducing windows… so that downpour going on outside sounded much closer.

And then this LOUD engine started up. And I don’t have a clue as to what it is. So I make an 11:30 p.m. call to Dad (it’s only 8:30 there, so I don’t feel too bad about it!) to ask him, “What does a sump pump sound like?” and “Is it okay that it’s sump-pumping right now?” The general concensus is this… If it’s raining and the sump-pump is NOT sump-pumping, THEN you have problems. I felt much better after my sump-pump fears were alieviated. But I would have been better still if that darn pump wasn’t located immediately below my bedroom. It’s not a quiet system.

Still riding high on the post-Omaha National Championship train! Cousin Kate sent a link to her photos… it looked like a rousing good time was had by all! I’ll share the best ones (or at least the most decent ones!) when I get a chance to do a download/transfer/posting session.

Other than the crazy thunderstorms and the half-empty (half-full?) boxes strewn about my house… I’m doing great! I’ll be road tripping to south Georgia this weekend for a wedding. Should be a good time… and hot. But I’ve got a pretty dress, great shoes, and a fantastic bag… so I’m good to go!


Moving Day!!!

26 06 2007

It’s been an insane week since I returned from Omaha. My flight was late leaving Memphis, so I landed about an hour later in the afternoon than I was anticipating. It’s a good thing the delay wasn’t any longer, because I was home for less than 25 minutes before the moving truck pulled up in front of my house. Oh, NO! There’s still stuff on all of my shelves, and my bed is still made, and none of my boxes are sealed yet… and I’m tired and hot and completely brain-fried. I’m in no shape to deal with this situation. Thank goodness for my soul-mate, Jocelyn. She came over, made a few executive decisions, and got me and the whole moving show on the road.

But the water had been turned off at my house. So now all my furniture and most of my things were in the new house (Warwick)… some boxes, the entire kitchen, and the remainder of my clothes were still in the old house (Madison)… I still had a suitcase in the car packed from my Omaha adventures (Go Beavers baseball!)… So I went “home” to Hans and Jocelyn’s for the night. Or at least what I thought would be just one night. I fought with the City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management for SIX DAYS until we (or I should say THEY) finally got things figured out and turned my water on. So last night (Monday) was my first night in my new house!!!

One of Jocelyn’s executive-decision-suggestions was for me to take Tuesday off work – to meet the sofa delivery folks and to get a full day of moving-in under my belt before leaving AGAIN this coming weekend. Best plan ever. The sofa arrived before 8 a.m. (might seem early, but I was up already and all for it!) so the rest of my day involved unpacking boxes, loading up cabinets and closets, and piecing together a functional bathroom. I totally love this place!!! As soon as I get the majority of boxes out of plain-sight, I’ll be snapping up ever so many pictures to send along. My sofa is fantastic, and the chair and ottoman (though HUGE) are just exactly what I wanted! I just love when that happens!

My cable/internet/phone bundle won’t be up and running for a few more weeks, so I had resigned myself to the idea of radio and movies as my only in-home entertainment. But the little coffee shop, Perk, is just down the street at Glenwood Park, and it has free Wi-Fi… which is where I am right now! But I’ve got to head back over to Madison to scoop up a few more of my belongings. And it’s back to work again tomorrow – 10-hour days, no less, to make up for my day off. But what a great, productive day it’s been!

Snapshots of a Championship

25 06 2007

Greatest Game on Dirt

They’re not kidding either!!! There just isn’t a better game out there. America has BRILLIANTLY adopted the greatest of all past-times. Go us.

Mark didn’t make his appearance until the 2nd game… and then…

Mark in Lights!

There he was, my teeny little brother standing out there all alone on this gargantuan stage…

And the pitch…

He looked good (faux-mullet or not)… but apparently the home plate umpire didn’t think his pitches did. Not to worry, because he came through in a BIG way in the championship game! Of course, since I wasn’t there, neither was my camera, and I haven’t figured out a way to post my mental images of what he looked like pitching in that game. But I think most of you were tuned in, so you get the idea.

Tack on another!

Isn’t it nice that we saved the engravers all that extra time of setting up a new template?! Thank you, sir, may I have another?!


24 06 2007

This will be very short because a) the subject line just about says it all, and b) I’m 30 minutes into a Melatonin tablet, and I’m getting verrrrrry sleeeeeepy.

How about The Shark coming to PLAY tonight!!!


22 06 2007

Last year’s run through the College World Series involved Oregon State facing the maximum number of games possible (8) to win the Championship. This year is quite a different story. They’ve positively FLOWN (Go Ducks!) through their bracket, leaving Cal State Fullerton, Arizona State, and UC-Irvine in their wake. It’s very likely that they could face the MINIMUM number of games possible (5) this year. Unbelievable.

I was glued to the TV on Wednesday night – no issues with regional coverage or power-outages this time around, thank goodness! – for the game between two schools with suspicious sounding mascots. And I reveled in seeing the Beavers lay a serious hurt on the ‘Eaters (Anteaters, to be precise) of UC-Irvine.

So now, it’s down to a rematch of last year’s Championship Series. What are the odds, I wonder? I’ll tell you one thing, though… there are more names on the UNC roster that are familiar from last year than there are on OSU’s team!

Brother Scott and Cousin Kate are Omaha-bound as of now, I think. Sooooo jealous! Apparently the hotel room is filling up quickly – Aunt Sandy and Cousin Tom drove to Omaha last week and have been at a KOA campground… oh, get this, if you place a breakfast order before 4 p.m. the previous day, they’ll bring it to you in your tent!!! And we’re talking pancakes, eggs, bacon, toast… REAL breakfast… right there in your sleeping bag. That’s my kind of camp-out! But they’re moving into the hotel room, plus Scott and Kate now… and who knows who else?!?! (Wish it were ME!)

*Oh, p.s. I finally replaced my camera… so as soon as I figure out how to load the photos onto my computer, I’ll be sending all sorts of fantastic pictures of this and ALL of my random adventures!*

“We Still Ballin’ “

19 06 2007

Apparently Mitch Canham (for those non-baseballers out there, he’s the All-American catcher for the reigning National Champion Beavers!) has written a sequel to last year’s “O-State Ballaz” – the unofficial-ish theme song of the 2006 Oregon State Beavers Baseball team. This year’s edition includes Mitch on vocals, a cameo by Darwin Barney (the veteran short-stop) and a quick little shout-out mention of “Grby” in the verse about their stellar bullpen! I need to hear it a few more times before I can transcribe any of they lyrics… but it’s a good little ditty.

And the song lyrics ring true… they ARE still ballin’!!! A sound Game-Two victory over conference foes Arizona State. ASU (or “Ass-U” as some of us may refer to them on a more consistent basis!) had swept the Beavs in the regular season – not something to be particularly proud of if you wear Orange and Black. But those Halloween-ies in Omaha had PLENTY to cheer about in a 12-6 (but it wasn’t really even that close) trouncing of the Sun Devils. Grby made a brief appearance… And apparently the ESPN guys (including Orel Hershiser, a world-class pitcher in his day) just couldn’t say enough good things about The Kid during his warm-up. Unfortunately, Mark didn’t bring his best stuff to the big stage. There was a VERY unhappy big sister at Rosenblatt Stadium that night.

Now, the Monday afternoon game between UC Irvine and Cal State Fullerton went 13 innings. And NCAA rules mandate that Player-guest tickets are not allowed to be given out until the previous game ends and the stadium is empty – keeps folks from scalping the freebies, I guess. So, we were in line to wait for the ticket release at about 4 pm, figuring that by 5 o’clock, the stadium would clear out and we’d be good to go… then that blasted game just dragged on and on and on. We finally got our tickets at about 7:30, with the game slated to start around 8:20. And my flight scheduled to leave just 10 hours later.

After the game (but technically closer to dawn) we triumphantly returned to the Doubletree hotel where the team is staying – and most of the parents and booster and other assorted fans – to chat with the team and hang out and eat and drink. We got back to our hotel around 2:30, and we all had to take a cat nap before schlepping me out to the airport. I thought about just trying to stay up, but I lost the battle with the glorious bed at our Hampton Inn!

Next up… Wednesday, June 20 – UC-Irvine vs OSU, 7 p.m. EDT


17 06 2007

Before I get to the game, I just have to say it is H-O-T in Omaha this year. It was toasty last year, too, and the humidity was more dampening… but it is just plain HOT sitting out at the ballpark in that middle-America sunshine.

The Game… Started off quite lovely (except for the heat, but that goes without saying… except that you just can’t help but keep talking about it – it’s just SO STINKIN’ HOT HERE) with a run in each of the first 2 innings. Then it slowed way down and got very nerve-wracking. Combinations of bad hops and bad communication. But with a little bit of luck (or perhaps all the prayers being said on Senora Reyes’ baseball-bead rosary!) they outlasted CSUF (Cal State Univ – Fullerton).

It’s so difficult being so dang clever… before the game, the players’ families were all standing in line waiting for them to open the Will-Call ticket counter, and the ESPN cameras came through, wanting some energetic Oregon State-related cheering and chanting to play before or after some commercial break. They broke into a rousing rendition of the “OHHHH… ESSSSSS… UUUUUU…. Oregon State… Fight-Fight-Fight!” Now, being a loyal Duck, in MY head it was more like “ohhhhh… essss… BOOOOO…” because that’s what I’m used to! But you know, they’ve re-vamped the OSU logo to be an interlocking O-S, but no U anymore. So, naturally, I want to rework the cheer… Can I get a “OHHHHH…. ESSSSSS…. –silence–…. Oregon State… Fight-Fight-Fight.” No one who wears orange and black on a regular basis thinks this is a funny idea. I would probably never stop laughing.

Sticking with the cheer theme… ESPN, being a non-bias, equal-opportunity sports news reporting entity, did go over to the Cal State Will-Call line with the same request. They all start chanting “C…S…U…F” over and over and over again. Now, that’s not your typical combination of letters to be chanting, so it’s easy to see how one would get the order a bit mixed up. MY version of the chant went a little something like this… “c…s…F….U” At least this time, other people joined in naughty giggles, and in hopes that we’ll be able to use this new Oregon State version of our opponents battle cry!

Still cheering… (obviously baseball games are a touch on the lengthy side, so naturally, those of us with limited attention spans find other ways to be entertained) My favorite out-field bleacher-bums chant came fairly early in the game from the riled-up left field sections. It took us a couple of rounds to figure out what they were saying, but as they gained momentum, the sheer volume of cheer-ers made it very clear – “Right Field Sucks!” Pointless, yes. Hilarious, without a doubt!

No Beavers game today. My folks want to go to the zoo… I’m not supremely keen on the idea, but I might just suck it up and go because I do want to spend time with them. But my idea of quality parent-child bonding doesn’t quite jive with staring at big, hot, smelly animals in captivity. Most days, anyway. We’ll see.

Next Up: Monday, June 18 – Arizona State vs Oregon State, 6 p.m. local time (that’s 4 p.m. for all you Oregonians, and 7 p.m. for any fellow East Coasters tuning in!)