Impromptu Home Improvements

26 08 2007

Jocelyn called this “morning” (it was 11:39 a.m., so rapidly approaching the non-morning label) with a sudden and unexpected BRILLIANT design scheme for my bedroom. I have a wonderful collection of “K’s” – yes, the letter, and if you have to ask, then I’m just not sure that we can be friends – that have not yet found their place in my new home. I had decided to create a beautifully artsy display on the wall behind my bed, sort of headboard-esque. Jocelyn was always to be a part of that installation, but sadly with various travels (mine) and job searching (hers) this project was far behind schedule. Until 11:39 this morning. She had a vision. And since I am currently lacking in this department, I am more than happy to entertain her vision and came to accept it as my own.


As in a metallic silver wall.

The other three walls will be a stark white, creating a somewhat modern look in my bedroom with fairly traditional furnishings. The clean lines of all my furniture and the black-and-white themed wall decor will totally POP with this new silver accent wall! And what an amazing backdrop for my K-Wall, too!!! Coats 1-3 are up, using about a half-gallon of Ralph Lauren “Silver Plated” paint. I think there are at least 2 more coat applications looming in my future before I am satisified and happy with the look. (And no photos for you until I’m good and happy!)

In the instant-gratification portion of this weekend’s home improvement project list, I did settle on the perfect shade of eggplant/royal/non-Barney-the-dinosaur purple for the accent wall in my living room. It’s called Regal Plum, and it’s exactly what I wanted! The wall is painted – save for a few minor touch ups here and there. It’s stunning and dramatic… and now I’m even considering just going for it and painting the entire room this deep, rich purple. See what you think…

purple wall

purple wall

It’s definitely purple! And you can’t tell in these pictures, but the “seams” at the corners are absolutely PRISTINE! That is due to a meticulous taping job by Yours Truly! I discovered during this multi-tasking painting project (purple and silver walls being painted simultaneously in two different rooms) that I MUCH prefer the taping to the painting. In some painters’ circles, that would make me their favorite person in the whole world! I definitely mandated that whomever tapes the room gets to UN-tape the room. Of course, that’s my favorite part of any painting project… I just love the final reveal!

The painting projects will all be fully completed and the K-Wall (which I’m not allowed to install until all the walls are painted – says Jocelyn, the big meanie) by the time I have company for the baby shower on September 15… that leaves me just 20 sleeps until the ultimate final reveal. But seriously, if I can’t paint 3 white walls and a ceiling (the trim is already white, so I’m not even going to think about re-doing it!) and apply a couple more coats to a metallic silver wall in the next 20 days, then I don’t really deserve to own a house at all.

Speaking of detested home-owner duties… my lawn is yellow, hay-like, and most definitely dead, so I’m free from mowing and/or worrying about it until the spring! Wooohooooo!


Good Times

21 08 2007

It was too short, too fast, quite productive, and very full… but the best part of my long weekend in Portland was that the company was just right!

Thursday Highlight… being there when Paula found The Dress!!!

Front detail Back detail


Obviously these aren’t photos of her in the dress… and it took a bit of reconnaissance (thank you, eBay!) to locate photos of The Dress so that they’re available to reference for the rest of the wedding-preparations. It’s a stunningly beautiful dress… and even more so when she’s in it! 🙂 What a treat for me to get to be there for this exciting day!

Friday Highlight… I probably should say my continuing education course (Clinical Geriatric Orthopedics) but it was nearly completely overshadowed by the many joyful reunions with my former coworkers! I toured the new rehab department headquarters and told my “how I like Atlanta so far” story over and over and over again!

Saturday Highlight… This one goes without saying: the Rehab et al get together at Old Market Pub. It felt just like old times!

Sunday Highlight… Finally getting to spend some time with my brother – we’d been functioning on completely opposite schedules since we both arrived in Portland. We had a delicious extended-family supper and watched “Little Miss Sunshine.” It’s a fantastic movie, and highly recommended, though it was quite sad in several parts, which I wasn’t expecting.

Monday Highlight… Brunch with two more of my St. V’s favorites. And I wrapped up my trip with a fun airport-Stanford’s happy hour with my parents and brother Scott.

Travel Lesson: Being helpful pays off. A flight attendant was trying to walk against the tide on the late-boarding airplane in search of blankets. Charmingly helpful Me handed some up to him, and he graciously comp’ed my in-flight Direct TV access, retail price: $5. So I got to watch the Yankees and Angels finish the 9th inning tied at 6 apiece.

Had a bit of a scare as we were delayed leaving Portland by about 20 minutes… which wouldn’t be too big of a deal normally, except that I had just 29 minutes to make my connecting flight in Denver. Lucky for me, the arriving and departing gates weren’t too far from each other. I still had to book it a good distance through the empty middle-of-the-night airport. And I was the last person to board the plane. *whew* I had an exit-row window seat, though, so I could spread out and snooze away the miles. But not before the pre-takeoff Direct TV preview allowed me to watch the 10th inning of the Yankees game! (except there really shouldn’t be an exclamation point attached to that sentiment, seeing as how the stupid Angels won)

So I’m back in steamy, thick-aired Atlanta. I slept for about 4 hours this morning when I got home, did the grocery store circuit, set up my mortgage to be paid out twice monthly on paydays, and had a delightfully French-Italian evening meal of fruit and crusty bread dipped in olive oil and balsalmic vinegar. Mmmmmmm! All that’s left for me to do today is drink a huge glass of water, take a sublingual melatonin and drift off to dreamland… because it’s back to work and real life in the morning!

Portland Itinerary

14 08 2007

Here it is, once again, (all together now) THE NIGHT BEFORE I LEAVE, and I am still packing and preparing, etc. Grrrrrrrrrr. Keep thinking someday I’ll learn.

You might be wondering, “Hey, Kristen – If you’re so far behind schedule for packing and getting ready for your trip tomorrow, why is it that you’re wasting time typing away into this delightfully charming and ever so entertaining blog?” And to that I answer, “Well, my loyal and fabulous readers/audience/fans, I happen to have JUST re-located (p.s. Uncle Dan, that’s as in “located again”) my iPod, and it was in dire need of some battery charging. And of course I’ve done a little work in iTunes, so there’s some music-syncing to be done as well. So while I’m charging and syncing, I thought I’d do a little blogging as well. SO THERE!

As for Portland… here’s how the next six days are shaping up…

    Wednesday, August 15 – Arrive in Portland around 11 p.m.

    Thursday, August 16 – Wedding gown shopping with Paula!

    Friday, August 17 – “Clinical Geriatric Orthopedics” course at St. V’s – 8a-5:30p

    Saturday, August 18 – “Clinical Geriatric Orthopedics” course at St. V’s – 8a-5:30p

    Sunday, August 19 – “Clinical Geriatric Orthopedics” course at St. V’s – 8a-12p

    Monday, August 20 – Depart Portland 8:05 p.m.

    Tuesday, August 21 – Arrive Atlanta 5:00 a.m. – but no work for Kristen that day!

Any other unscheduled hours will definitely be filled with friends and fun. And hopefully a McMenamins stop… or two!

I’ll have you know, it was so easy compiling the list of California-themed songs when CA was my destination, but I just can’t seem to come up with very many going-to-Portland songs… or ANY Portland songs, for that matter. Oh except for the strange (but strangely effective) pairing of Jack White and Loretta Lynn for “Portland, Oregon.” Yes, that will have to suffice. I’d love to be enlightened with other “Portland” songs, so pass them along if you’re a music-smartie who knows random stuff like that!

See you in Portland!

California Wedding Bells

6 08 2007

Best… Wedding… Ever… Seriously, I think – no wait, I KNOW for a straight FACT, that this was the best wedding I’ve EVER been to… EVER.

I’d continue gushing, but I think I’ve made my point.

Danny and Kaitie Sicking!!!

The Kiss

The reception was at the Tooley (Kaitie’s family) home in their glorious backyard. It was blazing hot, so the only thing to do was to keep oneself hydrated… although for some reason, this wedding-goer (and her fabulous siblings… and parents… and the vast majority of the rest of the guests!) never could find a water-bar… so we imbibed great quantities of a variety of beer instead. I love weddings!

The three best-looking Grbavac siblings…


I am fully allowed to state the obvious fact above because right now Mark’s broken nose is pretty much smeared across his entire face. Thus he was not invited to be in this pretty-kids-only photo. But since he wasn’t at the wedding anyway, I guess this point is moot.

For most of the reception, my camera was safely stashed away in it’s case… because, let’s face it, holding a camera does nothing for one’s dance moves… and there was DANCING to be had.

Truly a fabulous weekend!

California, here I come!

2 08 2007

Ahhhh… VACATION! Even if it’s a manic, 58-hour, 3000-mile round-trip, I’m-a-crazy-person-for-thinking-this-was-a-good-idea weekend… it’s totally worth it!

I have my camera packed along with me, so I’ll be sure to take (and then upload!) some snapshots of our fun times in the Bay(-ish) Area.

I’ll leave you with some of the California-themed songs that have been running through my head for the past several days… Everybody sing along! (bonus points for artist and song title)

“If you’re goooooing, to Saaaaan Fraaaancisco…”

“I wish they all could be California giiiiiiirls…”

“I left my heart in San Francisco…”

“I’m goin’ back to Cali, Cali, Cali…”

“Welcome to the Hotel California…”