It’s Game Day, Baby!

28 09 2007

And I’m not talking about the little tv show Saturday mornings on ESPN (which, by the way, in case you haven’t heard, will be airing live from Autzen Stadium bright and early tomorrow!) No, my friends, I’m talking about Kickball. More specifically, the Inaugural Piedmont Hospital Rehab Department Kickball Game sponsored by… well, technically it isn’t sponsored… We’re much more into the B.Y.O.-whatever. Food and drink, all is supported and encouraged. Especially the “drink” portion of the event. Because really, if we’re talking about a gang of grown-ups running around Piedmont Park, kicking around a red, bouncy playground ball… we’d better be talking red plastic beer cups, too!

No one was really into a soundtrack or “at-kick” music, so I’m on my own for some game-time motivational tunes. At least my cell phone will play the Def Leppard classic “Pour Some Sugar On Me” if necessary.

I definitely brought my camera… so be sure to check back soon for the event candids!



Pink shower and peeling shoulders

16 09 2007

Oh, I just had the most delightful weekend!!! Jerry and Laura dropped Allison off on Friday night, and as soon as Mommy- and Daddy-to-be were out the door, we went straight to work getting the house ready and decorated for Saturday’s shower.

K icing

Yes, that’s me icing a cake… a two-layer cake that I made FROM SCRATCH… with icing that I made FROM SCRATCH!!! (I’ll pause for your applause and gasping breaths) Sure it looks good, but I will assure you, it tastes GREAT! I’m actually having a little sliver right now as I’m typing! Did incur one little design snafu… I bought a few balloons to put out at the mailbox, with a mylar one that says “It’s a Girl!” I should have gotten the “Baby Shower” stork balloon, because here’s the problem: now my entire neighborhood thinks that I just had a baby girl. So now I won’t even be able to enjoy any of those “you look GREAT!” comments that could come my way!

I initiated the first step in my promise to make sure little Princess Lady Bug is never without an Oregon t-shirt in her size. The first installment is this darling little “Daisy Duck” onesie!

Daisy Duck

Although, Granddad Jim made it very clear that his granddaughter would NOT be attending school in Oregon as it is MUCH too far away from him!

The party went off without a hitch. We put together a lovely spread of snack-y treats (it was at 2 p.m. so didn’t really have to be “meal”-worthy) with a cheese spread on crackers, chips and salsa, veggies with ranch dip, caramel-ish dip with apples and strawberries, and of course The Cake.

The best part, though, was getting to hang out with Laura and Allison for a couple of (much too short) days. When Laura called to say they were on their way to pick Allison up en route home to NC, she (and I’m sure everyone in my neighborhood) could hear me wailing, “NOOOOOOOOOO! You can’t leeeeeeeeeeeeeave! Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!”

I did finally “acheive” the peeling stage of my week-old sunburn. I thought I might get away without having to endure the shedding phase of this annoying process. I was wrong. Luckily, the major shed occurred overnight, with me waking up Sunday to a leprous left shoulder and upper back. Eeeeew. I’ve dumped more aloe vera onto my skin in the past 7 days to cause the extinction of the rain forests in Brazil. To no avail, apparently.

It’s quiet at my house now. Not pleasant. I miss my fun friends already! Although, I’m about ready to turn in for the night… the Emmys are on, and I’m dying to see the dresses and shoes and hair styles and handbags… oh yeah, and the awards, too!

“I’ve had the time of my life…”

9 09 2007

I absolutely HAVE TO see “Dirty Dancing” again soon… seeing as how I just spent a fabulous weekend at Kellerman’s!!! (okay, so technically I only SAW Kellerman’s… and technically-er still, it’s actual name is The 1927 Lake Lure Inn and Spa… but in the spirit of great 80’s movies, just let me have my version of the story!)

“Join hands and hearts and voices, voices hearts and hands….” (that’s been in my head for three days now, so it’s time to spread the wealth around a little bit!)


My pretend-big-brother got married this past weekend at Lake Lure, NC, so I just spent two glorious days at this beautiful mountain resort.

Lake Lure

The best part of seeing Kellerman’s had to be the fact that we saw it by sea! (or at least by man-made lake) None of us girls had any responsibilities on “wedding day” so we decided at the Rehearsal Dinner to embark upon a sea-faring adventure… Actually, I believe our first thought involved commandeering a yacht from the marina, hot-wiring said yacht, and crusing along on a fantastic joy-ride about the lake. The problem with this idea – at least the most pressing of the myriad of problems with this idea – was that none of us could quite wrap our head around how one is to successfully drive a boat in reverse. Our concensus was this: choose a boat that is already backed into its docking-spot so we can drive straight out, and we’d just park it nose-in at the end of our adventure. The owners would surely know how to back their own boat out of its spot the next time they took it out! Undeterred, we soon found out how very easy – and thus how frightening – it is for anyone to secure a sea-worthy vessel. One phone call and $45 later, we’re trudging down the dock to our “boat.”

the boat

(Lindsay’s at the helm and Debbie’s on the middle seat… picture about 3 more feet of space behind the picture – where I’m sitting to take the photo – and that’s all there is between the three of us and the waters of Lake Lure)

Everyone got to take their turn at driving the boat… all 9.9-horses of her! The tiresome part was the constant vigilance and upper body strength required to maintain a steady course. That, and the backwards thinking of turning the rudder in the opposite direction that you’re hoping to achieve. We all have our strengths… I am the Best Backer-Upper (which really only means that I was the only one who actually had to do any backing-up)… Debbie wins Best Overall Driver (which meant that she drove for the vast majority of the two-hour-tour)… and Lindsay takes the crown for Tightest Lake Donuts (which she executed wonderfully and intentionally). Add in a delightful and delectable lunch and a cooler of beer, and this is exactly what “vacation” looks like! We spent two fabulous hours tooling about the lake, and we’re all definitely sporting various shades of pink on our shoulders and backs to prove it!

The wedding was a lovely affair… complete with a horse-drawn carriage taking Darren and Shanna from the church on a little jaunt around the scenic resort while their guests made their way (by foot or by a non-horse-drawn vehicle of their choice) to the reception. It was held on the covered patio of the resort’s restaurant. Good food… good drink… GREAT toasts… And the dancing began…

First dance

And in case there was any doubt… the unmistakable chorus of “I… haaaaad… the time of my liiife…” did in fact ring out in all its glory before the night was over!

But it’s back to reality for me now. No more fantasy lake house (of which I picked out at least three that I should definitely live in!) and sun-kissed afternoons on the water. I have to work FIVE days this week! *gasp* But I’m already looking ahead to next weekend and Laura’s baby shower, to be held at my house in just six sleeps… no rest for the lucky!

p.s. MANY thanks to all the text-message game- and score-updates I received…


Hooray for Kristen!

6 09 2007

Oh, I just all of a sudden got a flashback to a car-trip song that we used to sing… It goes a little something like this… “Hooray for Kristen! Hooray for Kristen! Someone in the car is singing hooray for Kristen! Kay-Arr-Eye-Ess-Tee-Eee-Ennn! Kristen! Hooray!” And then you’d move on to the next kid/parent/passenger for verses two through infinity… I don’t remember if there’s a rule that you could only sing a person’s verse if they were in the car (I think I recall a “Hooray for Grandma!” verse which we must have sung on our way to her house?), or if a verse had to be a person’s name at all…

I was going somewhere with this…

Oh yeah… Hooray for Me! I put up the K-Wall today, and it looks fantastic! Take a peek… I think you can get a pretty good sense of the shiny metallic wall…

K Wall

Mom made all those cute pillow covers – the Gerber daisy one lived in my Portland room (made from a Target napkin!) but the other two are brand new; I just picked them up last month in Portland, and only filled them just this week with the Ikea pillow inserts.

Here’s a better “whole picture” view of my new dreamland space…

K Wall 2

It’s so good to see the finished product! Now my house feels much more like me! And just to make very sure that it really is a Kristen-house… I’m switching out the light fixture in my room, and I’m putting up a chandelier!!! I do so miss my sweet little Princess Bathroom with the beaded chandelier, so I’m going for it here… It’s going to be fabulous!

Off to a wedding this weekend… it’s my fourth one in four months, and it should be my last one of the year, pending any surprises! Should be a lovely weekend up at Lake Lure (aka, where Dirty Dancing was filmed!) I leave tomorrow, so perhaps I should stop staring at my new K-Wall and pack up for this weekend’s festivities! (it’s only 8:30 p.m. so technically, I’m already starting out three hours earlier than normal!)


Finished!… except for the K’s

3 09 2007

It’s been QUITE a laborious Labor Day Weekend at my house.

Here’s my room as it stands now… nearly complete… just awaiting the long-anticipated installation of the K Wall!

K room

The rest of the room is very white… I have to remember that there will be things to hang up on the walls, otherwise I’ll go crazy in my blank-wall-room!

good corner

And boy does the hot pink really KICK in this room now! The curtains look good on white or silver walls, so that’s a plus.

white wall

Now I’m even MORE anxious to get those K’s up on the silver wall! But it’s a Kristen-and-Jocelyn project, so I have to wait. As bad as I am at multi-step projects, I’m even WORSE at patience! Luckily I only have to wait until tomorrow evening. I should be able to handle that!

I’ve been a bargain huntress the past few days – picked up a couple of cheapie pillows on uber-sale at Tuesday Morning and a couple of $1.50 pillow inserts at Ikea, all of which fit perfectly into the covers Mom made for me! Also, the 20×20-inch pillows that came with my sofa had horrid covers, and wonder-of-wonders, the fabulous Ikea has 20×20-inch pillow covers in a vast array of color and patterns. I picked up 2 purple ones and 2 black ones, so I could do a little in-home decision-making. The purple color is perfect, but the zippers on BOTH of the purple covers were broken, so I’ll have to do an exchange. I really like the way the solid-black pillow looks, too, so I may do one of each, or maybe even keep all 4 so I can change things up if I feel like it… wow, deep thoughts by Kristen, huh?!

Laboring on Labor Day

2 09 2007

Yes, I consider this hard manual labor… Painting is hard for me! It’s the epitome of “multi-step project” and we all know how good I am at focusing on all those steps.

*Confession… I decided to leave one of the painting-steps off my list today: taping. Which kind of stinks, seeing as how that’s pretty much the only thing I bring to the table when it comes to painting! I think this self-imposed short-cut should work out okay… the trim and ceiling are white, and I’m painting the rest of the walls white, so you’d THINK that would jive, right?!?! Time will tell.

Of course, I do need some tape to protect the corners of my fabulous silver wall… but I’ve run out, so the corners will have to wait until after tomorrow’s errands. But here’s the sneak peek as my room is right now…

work in progress

Looks great, huh?! I told you, WORK IN PROGRESS! Here’s a better view of the work that’s already completed… you can see, I already started re-dressing the walls! (blank walls freak me out!) I can’t wait to put up the K’s!

silver wall

(wow, my TV looks huge in this picture… it’s just really close to the camera, I promise!) The bed is pretty much floating in the middle of the room for now. I just want to make very sure that the silver is bone-dry before I put it back into place. (p.s. no judgement on the corner, you already know the story there!)

I would be farther along in the project if not for two things… 1) “Gone With the Wind” was on TV this morning, and I couldn’t NOT watch it! 2) I take far too many rest breaks. (case in point, what with the mini photo session and blogging!)

Tomorrow’s plans (not that there isn’t plenty of time left in this day to keep up the good work!) include securing another roll of painters tape, finish the corners, and touch-up any needy spaces. Then there’s just the installation of the K-Wall, and I’ll have a brand new bedroom!