Princess Lily Ladybug

21 11 2007


Lillian Grace 

Saturday, November 17, 2007 – 9:24 p.m. – 8 lbs 11 oz – 19 inches

She’s just absolutely DARLING!

I’ve seen several pictures of my sweet little “niece” and in every single one, she’s wide-eyed and peaceful. I can’t believe how much I love her already! And I haven’t even gotten to see her in person or cuddle her yet… I know I’ll just be head over heels at that point!

Mama is doing well, too. They all came home on Tuesday, so I hope they settle in easily and quickly… but that’s because I’m selfish and I don’t want to wait to get the “okay” to head up the highway to go meet her!

What a glorious Thanksgiving week!

Happy, happy Thanksgiving to all of you, my very favorite people!


Good time in The NC

6 11 2007

There really are only two things that I absolutely cannot stand about going up to see My People in The NC…

1) I always tell myself it takes 3 hours to drive to Morganton… It doesn’t… It takes 4… And for the last hour I’m irritated and cranky that I’m still not there yet. If I would just tell myself that it takes 4 hours to get there, I’d be a much more content person.

2) I absolutely D-E-T-E-S-T having to leave. Hate it. Despise it. Worst feeling EVER. And I’m afraid these feelings are only bound to get much worse with the soon-to-arrive Princess Lily Ladybug.

It was (yet another) wonderful trip that was (yet again) much too short in duration… and crammed full of down-to-the-minute schedules and plans. And every one of those minutes is always so much more than completely worth it!

Did some house-hunting with Allison and got the behind-the-scenes tour of the place she works… saw the Wall’s new basement renovation… had my first start-the-car-with-the-push-of-a-button experience (awesome!)… watched College GameDay from Eugene (Go Ducks!)… went on a shopping excursion in search of a little something cute for Baby’s First Thanksgiving (Lily-bug will be here before we know it!)… cheered the greatest football team ever in the history of the world on to victory (GOOOO DUCKS!!!!)… and enjoyed the blissful extra hour of weekend!

Lily’s nursery is PERFECT. Smart-girl Kristen didn’t bring a camera (drat) so the only photographic evidence I have of the cute-ness is on my cell phone. *I’m hoping that Allison will email her photos very soon, and I’ll be sure to post them, because it’s probably the most darling little-girl room EVER!*

p.s. It really does only take 3 hours to get home from Laura’s house in Shelby, NC… maybe that’s where I got the “3 hour” idea from?