To Do List: 2008

27 01 2008

I just can’t seem to figure out Atlanta’s climate. One one hand there’s the nearly oppressive dampness of sauna-worthy heat and humidity; later we entered into a Catastrophic Drought – not sure how that’s even possible, what with all the water in the air; eternal thunder and lightning storms seem to know no season; and now we’re worried about frozen pipes and even had our fair share of the “wintry mix” in the past few weeks.


The sweet dusting of snow has done wonders, though, to improve the asthetics of my dead, yellow, hay-like “lawn.”

Yet despite the glory of snow and the brilliance of sun-filled crystalline blue skies… there’s still a storm-cloud, doom-and-gloom that seems to settle in. Someone at work told me that the 3rd week of January boasts the highest suicide rates of the entire year. Is it the post-holiday blues, or simply the unfortunately inevitable failing, despite the best of intentions, of all those New Year’s resolutions?

I don’t really agree with using the term “resolution” at this point in the self-improvement stage, because by definition, it is “the resulting state, a solution.” I am currently and perpetually lacking in anything even remotely resembling any kind of resolution at this point. Of course, an alternate definition does state that a resolution is “a resolve or determination toward a certain goal or plan,” thus its inclusion as the key word in this month’s ultimate buzz phrase: New Year’s Resolution. In much the same vein as New Year’s Eve became Kristen Eve… I am not making New Year’s Resolutions so much as I’m making New Kristen Resolutions. The list is not short – it’s sadly uncanny the number of necessary improvements one can identify about themself. So to better manage The List, it has been reorganized into three sub-categories.

MIND — Read. Do the crossword puzzle every day. Work 12 extra weekend hours every month.

BODY — Join gym (and go to it!) Decrease coffee to Monday and weekends only. Drink tea in the mornings. Make bi-annual dentist appointments.

SOUL — Go to church every Sunday. Write. No excessive speeding and no honking or yelling at other drivers (unless absolutely warrented, ie: a significant safety risk) Sing. Spend time with my favorite friends.

I do hope these Definition 2 Resolutions will become Definition 1 Resolutions throughout this year! I guess that’s up to me.

One of the great things about being Catholic is that just about the time those New Year’s Resolutions are fading… BAM!… it’s the Lenten Season, and it’s time once again to re-evaluate and re-set yourself on your path to self-improvement! And just so you know, in keeping with my “Soul” List, I took myself up to the Cathedral of Christ the King this morning. It’s right up the street from Piedmont Hospital – so if any of those extra weekend hours are on a Sunday, I can jet over to Mass at the end of my work day. Brilliant!


Weekend at Lily’s

26 01 2008

Oh, sweet Lily is SO much fun now! She’s 2 months old and she’s so beautiful! She does all sorts of things now!

Lily laughs…

Laughing Lily

And sings…

Singing Lily

And plays on her tummy…

Playing Lily

She gets real baths now in her own little tub and naps in her own crib in her darling room.

Jerry coaches a middle-school boys’ team, so Laura and I bundled up little Lily-bug and took her to the game. She slept the ENTIRE time. Through all the whistles and the buzzers and the other game-day ruckus… not a peep out of her! She must have basketball flowing through her veins! The kid’s going to be a gamer, that’s for sure!

There really is something to be said for the supreme coziness of fleece. Lily just L-O-V-E-S to cuddle with Auntie Kristen – and the feeling is absolutely mutual. Look, we even match!

Lily and K

Sunday brought that same old miserable separation anxiety. Lily was a bit fussy – I knew it was because she didn’t want me to leave. But I just couldn’t leave while she was awake because she’s just too much fun to play with and cuddle! So when she fell asleep with Mama on the sofa, I knew I’d better go quickly before I changed my mind again!

Sleeping Lily

The next visit up to Lily’s house in The NC is probably in March for Laura’s birthday. I can’t wait!

Christmas and New Year’s Past

3 01 2008

Needless to say… the Christmas holidays in Portland were fabulous! The un-fabulous thing was having to fly back to Atlanta on Christmas morning. Boooooo. The next more un-fabulous thing was arriving late, in the dark, and the rain, hungry and alone, on Christmas evening and driving past all the homes with lights blazing, cars lining the streets, everyone together with their loved ones for the holiday. It dawns on me that I’m going to have to have to drive through McDonalds for Christmas dinner. How depressing. Then then next even MORE un-fabulous thing is realized… everything is closed… E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.  I should have been prepared; kept some kind of easy-to-make non-perishable at the house. By the time I got to the Chinese food “restaurant” I thought I might cry. And I thought I might cry again after I ordered. And again as I drove home to my empty house. And then again as I sat in front of my TV, alone on Christmas, eating crappy strip-mall Chinese food for Christmas dinner.

A few short days later, however, the fun kicked back into high gear as some of my favorite friends came to town for my birthday weekend! Paula and Jayson and Sean arrived on that Saturday after Christmas. Now, I always knew that my house was petite, but it wasn’t until there were FOUR people living in it that it really hit home. But we did it! All 4 of us, sharing one teeny-tiny bathroom! Luckily, I was up before all of them (you know, the East Coaster of the group!) so my shower routine was over before anyone else even cared to fight for mirror-time.

Sunday we had tickets to the Seahawks-Falcons football game. And there we were, decked in our Seahawks gear, trading fist-pumps with the seemingly THOUSANDS of other Seattle fans at The Dome. Funny thing, though… the Falcons actually pulled off a victory! So that means that I attended half of the Falcons’ victories this season – and this was only my 2nd game this year!

Kristen Eve (more commonly known to the general public as “New Year’s Eve”) was Monday night. I’d picked out a restaurant that sounded like me – Woodfire Grill – and it was spectacular! There were 13 of us, cozied up around the table in a semi-private room. I always believed that it’s difficult to try to mesh two different worlds, but somehow my THREE worlds (Portland – Atlanta – Jocelyn) came together quite well! There was laughter – mostly at my own expense, but hey, I was the common denominator at the table – and cocktails and delicious food all around. A truly glorious occasion! Then it was back to my house for a Champagne toast at midnight. One regret… no one took any pictures!!!

Ok, TWO regrets…. no Midnight Kiss. I find it quite sad that I’ve never had The Midnight Kiss on New Year’s… I mean, it’s my birthday for crying out loud! Someone should be kissing the Birthday Girl at midnight! Maybe next year…

I was very, VERY sad to see my friends leave. After being home in Portland for a week, and then hosting the West Coasters at my little house, I had gotten quite used to having people around, to having folks to talk to all the time, to actually USING my kitchen and my dining room table for meals! It was probably my favorite Atlanta-weekend yet!