Water Woes: Part 2

23 02 2008

The good news… I figured out all by myself just why my water heater isn’t working… again… oh, yeah and p.s. I have no hot water again.

The bad news… I have a serious sump pump problem. Actually, it’s more like a sump NO-pump problem.

I sent myself down to the basement crawl space this morning to investigate the renewal of my no-hot-water problem, with every intention of getting down onto my hands and knees to relight that blasted pilot light… only to find a undetermined depth of mucky standing water. Oh no! (or some other stream of expletives, if you prefer… which I do) And of course it’s Saturday, so I just have to put in my service request, and I’ll get a phone call on Monday saying that they can come out on Tuesday to take a look at the problem. By then, I’d like to think that the flood waters would have receded – although I’m not certain of the weather forecast for the next few days – and technically I could THEN go down with every intention of getting down onto my hands and knees to relight that blasted pilot light so that at least I could shower in peace while I wait for the sump pump fixers. Except the idea of getting any closer to the mess I just saw down there makes me want to abandon this water-logged abode and move to higher ground.

I hate water.

Whatever happened to that delightful little drought we were having down here?! No sump pump issues then.


$270 million

21 02 2008

The question on everyone’s mind at the hospital this week is “What would you do with the money?” As of right now, I believe the MegaMillions pot is up to $270 million… wait, I think it looks much more impressive like this…


Yeah, that’s more like it! The concensus among the PTs and OTs in the rehab department is this: Better post some job openings because here’s our 2-week notice! We pooled some money to buy a batch of tickets – including the winner, naturally. What would happen if there were no acute care PTs or OTs left?!?! It would sure show them how indispensible we are!!! Take THAT, Piedmont Hospital! *impish giggle*

So, in response to the above-mentioned question, I’ve been long compiling a non-exclusive list of things I would do if money were no object. And let’s face it, with $270,000,000 – money would most definitely be no object. My list excludes the obvious smart-kid things like paying off my debts (both federal and personal loans), my car and my mortgage, and investing the proper amount to ensure I don’t pull an M.C.Hammer and blow through all those “0’s” in far too short amount of time.

So, here are some of my dreams that money CAN buy…

* Surfing lessons in Costa Rica – with subsequent annual ventures, if I turn out to be any good at it

* Sailing around the Mediterranean

* Fly fishing lessons and gear

* Guitar lessons – and I guess I’d splurge for a guitar, too!

* Fantastical vacations to Italy and Croatia and Greece – perhaps annually

Instead *sigh* I’ll be reheating some leftover (albeit delicious!) gorgonzola pasta and boil some water for hot cocoa and curl up on my sofa and watch the first American Idol Results Show of Season 7… I must say I was sorely disappointed with the majority of the girls’ performances last night. Which saddens me, because I had such high expectations. I guess we’ll be down to 20 contestants later this evening regardless of my enthusiasm, or lack therof.

So for now, stay tuned for future FABULOUS adventures when my MegaMillions ship comes in!

It’s that time again for…

16 02 2008

American Idol According to Kristen!!!

In the past six seasons of American Idol, I have demonstrated an incredibly amazing ability to pick winners! Let’s review…

Season 1: Kristen’s pick – Kelly Clarkson. Winner – Kelly Clarkson.

Season 2: Kristen’s pick – Clay Aiken. Runner-Up – Clay Aiken. (but seriously, what has Ruben Studdard done lately, except get dropped by his label?)

Season 3: Kristen’s pick – Jennifer Hudson. Hello, OSCAR!!! (Winner – Fantasia Barrino… not a fan, not even in the slightest)

Season 4: Kristen’s pick – Carrie Underwood. Winner – Carrie Underwood.

Season 5: Kristen’s pick – Katharine McPhee. Runner-Up – Katharine McPhee. She just couldn’t counteract the “Soul Patrol.”

Season 6: Kristen’s pick – Jordin Sparks. Winner – Jordin Sparks. (you all saw the Super Bowl with that super National Anthem, right?!)

And now it’s Season 7. The Top 24 have been chosen, and except for one decision (I sort of liked the shirt-and-tie geekiness of that Oklahoma-govenor-wannabe) I am pleased with the Judges’ choices for this season’s contestants. I scoured YouTube, looking for a refresher on the Top 24’s performances. Interestingly enough, there were four contestants who do NOT have good video coverage. Now how am I, as a true American Idol fan, able to be an informed tele-voter if these kids can’t get any face-and-microphone time?!?!

That being said, I hesitate to put forth my own Top 12 list at this time. Of course I have one already – 6 guys and 6 girls. My Top 6 girls are virtually shoe-ins (if you ask me!) but the Top 6 guys were more difficult to choose. Oh what the heck, all my American Idol winner choosing starts over at zero when they get down to the actual Top 12 anyway… hopefully America is as brilliant as I am and puts these 12 kids on top…

GIRLS – Asia’h, Alexandrea, Brooke, Carly, Ramiele, Syesha

GUYS – Danny, David A., Jason C., Luke, Michael, Robbie (*note – no Idol video of Jason or Luke – just going with my gut on those!*)

I look forward to updating the Top 12 list and narrowing it down to Kristen’s Pick… the odds say they’ll go pretty far!

Water Woes

3 02 2008

I drink water that is warmer than that which I showered in yesterday.

I’m going to take a wild leap and assume that there’s something amiss with my water heater… you know, since there is a significant lack of heated water in my home at the moment. That means I’m two-for-two as far as water heaters go in my two homes. Not to mention the fact that it was THIS WEEKEND exactly one year ago that I woke up (after hosting a delighfully fun “Grey’s Anatomy” Tea Party, I might add) to find it raining in my living room. The culprit – you guessed it – the water heater! Un-freakin-believable. At least this water heater is down in my crawl-space, so the issue isn’t so much raining as it is flooding.

Last year I had a fabulous hot stone massage (shout out to Kristin C!) after my water woes… this year I may have to cash in a few of my birthday presents (a wonderful manicure at Spa Sydell or the gift certificate to Natural Body Spa – with many thanks to Sunni and Jocelyn for those treats-to-be!)

So I’ve packed a bag, and I’m going to live with my friends Sunni and Brian because I have my own room and bathroom there, and they have hot water. Okay, so the “move” is more like an extended sleep-over party. And I’ve already started the ball rolling with the home warranty folks, AND I went down into my crawl-space-basement today to do a quick visual sweep of the situation, so it’s not like I’m just running away and ignoring the problem. Except that I’m sort of running away and ignoring the problem. But only because it’s Sunday, and not only is it Sunday, but it’s Super Bowl Sunday. Like there’s a plumber in the world who will come out to my house today.

And so the stance I’ve decided to take on this issue can easily be summed up in one famous phrase (that I say and live by in far too many situations, I’m afraid) from one of my all-time favorite people…

“I won’t think about it now. I’ll think about it tomorrow.” ~ Scarlett O’Hara