My Running-Away Dreams

26 04 2008

The usual story is that “so-and-so ran away to join the circus.” Now, seeing as how I hate – no, I completely and ferociously DETEST the circus and everything that a circus entails (except maybe for cotton candy, but even that always seems to disappoint because the first taste is great, but then your fingers, hands, face, knees are all so sticky that it’s difficult to even think about enjoying the rest of your spun-sugar treat) – I can’t quite imagine how that would be someone’s dream escape? I mean, to run away from home only to have to live among creepy painted clowns and freaky side-show people in a place that not only smells like stale popcorn-laced animal dung, but that you have to set up and take down EVERY NIGHT… and the music, oh *shudder* the music. It all sounds like more work than most folks want when they’re running away from their “real life” obligations. Like high school. Or lawn mowing. (which I mention because that very chore is SO on tomorrow’s to-do list!)

So no, I will most certainly NOT be running away to join any circus.

This is not to assume that I have no “running away” dreams to speak of. Don’t think for a moment that three weeks ago when my backyard looked more akin to a wildlife refuge than an in-town garden, the thought of ditching out and fleeing to some easier, more carefree lifestyle and location didn’t come to mind. Or when I can’t possibly imagine how I might be able to politely and professionally answer another page at work to tell the nurse/doctor/case manager on the other end of the phone that YES I did actually treat Mr. Fill-in-name-here today and NO he is not able to walk up the 2 flights of stairs he has to enter his apartment because it took 3 and a half people to man-handle him to the edge of the bed and hold him there for 17 seconds before we had to drag him back to supine, and YES I did successfully document every move performed, which you could just as easily have read yourself instead of paging me for the eleventh time today. I have many Running Away Dreams (RADs, if you will) – because I need to be able to have options. I can think of three very different RADs that are currently circulating.

My current Number One Running Away Dream is to run away to New York to be on Broadway. This may or may not have something to do with the fact that I just got home from seeing “Rent” with a few of my girlfriends. I could barely contain myself in all of my excitement throughout the morning and afternoon prep-time, not to mention during dinner at Ecco. We started with a cheese-and-meat sampler with two kinds of procuitto and three wonderful cheeses. For supper I had the organic hanger steak with a dill-cream sauce and pommes frites, and finished up with coffee and lady fingers with marscapone for dessert. *ahhhhhhh* Sunni ordered the same entree as I did, but opted for a chocolate torte with praline ice cream for dessert. Jennifer had a tasty pasta dish with very wide, flat noodles (looked like a larger version of egg noodles) with pork and vegetables, almost a “stew” type dish, and joined Sunni in choosing the chocolate torte. And Jocelyn had the arctic char, a salmon-esque type of fish, with a salad and had coffee and some sort of blueberry custard to finish up. It was really wonderful… except for our crummy waiter and his piss-poor attitude. But I digress…

Yes, my dream is to run away and join the cast of some amazing Broadway musical. This happens every stinkin’ time I go to a show. Probably didn’t hurt to have an Andrew Lloyd Webber themed American Idol this past week either. I’m pretty sure that the contents of my car CD player will look something like this:

Disc 1: Rent – disc 1

Disc 2: Rent – disc 2

Disc 3: Wicked

Disc 4: Phantom of the Opera – disc 1

Disc 5: Phanton of the Opera – disc 2

Disc 6: West Side Story

Going to be a very high-culture week of commuting for me!