Spring Fever

3 05 2008

I was just looking ahead into the coming weeks in search of the “next thing to look forward to” – counting down to events/trips/fun is one of my all-time favorite things to do! – and I was amazed at how full my calendar already was, and will continue to be…. (lot’s of links in this post, if you can see the lightly-shaded blue color that indicates as such!)

April 2008 was FULL and FUN with a concert (Sugarland), a Broadway show (Rent), my very first ever NBA playoff game (Go Hawks!), a neighborhood festival (Inman Park), various outings and innings with friends including an evening of Bocce Ball on the lawn, and oh yeah, putting in my regular 40+ hours a week at the hospital – where I’ve officially been employed for an entire year already. Whew!

And May 2008 does not look to be slowing down at all, as I’ve already been to my second ever NBA playoff game (p.s. the Hawks, the Falcons, and the Braves are all undefeated in games that I have attended… hmmm) Next weekend I’m heading up to The N.C. to stay at Allison’s new house and to see Laura and cuddle me some sweet Lily-bug, too! The following weekend (well Friday and Saturday) I’m attending a Clinical Instructor Credentialing Course to improve my mentoring and educating skills in preparation for (good timing) my new PT student who starts on the 19th (Happy Birthday Scott and Aunt DeAnna!) I hope my student doesn’t feel abandoned by me, but I’ll be heading out of town Memorial Day weekend to go to my “first friend’s” bachelorette party in St. Louis. (not to mention the entire week I’m taking off in June… but we’ll get to that in a second.) Add to that already full slate a couple of must-not-miss (as far as I’m concerned!) movie openings: Made of Honor with McDreamy himself, and the long-anticipated Sex and the City feature film!!! And that doesn’t even include the upcoming American Idol Finale and all those glorious new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy that I have to look forward to!

So I guess the “fever” to which I was referring is more appropriately defined as “feverish” – as in the feverish pace my life is on at the moment.

And just to preview what June holds for me… a week-long escape from real-life back to the Pacific NW for a quick trip through Portland-town and a lovely lakeside wedding in Seattle. I’ll get back just in time for the 08-08-08 Opening Ceremonies for one of my all-time favorite events: The Summer Olympics!!! I just saw a commercial for them, and now I’m definitely counting down the days. Will be an interesting viewing schedule, though, what with the severely un-friendly time-difference between Atlanta and Beijing. I’m so wishing for extra time off from work and an unlimited airfare budget that would allow me to scoot back to Eugene for the graduation festivities, and my fingers are still crossed for an impromptu trek down the Road to Omaha (Go Beavers Baseball!) for a long weekend. But already booked is my flight to Los Angeles!!! I’m anticipating a gorgeous wedding in Dana Point, CA, and a fabulous reception in Santa Ana. *sigh* I just love vacation!