Hiking = Nature Walk ???

9 11 2008

I’ve been accused of making too much of my recent outdoor quests. So to quell all the nay-sayers, I have come up with a couple definitions with which I feel very comfortable…

Nature Walk – A short stroll out-of-doors consisting mainly of admiring the sunshine and kicking around in the leaves; no water bottle or trail-snacks needed; may or may not be required as part of an elementary school science project.

Hiking – Yes, there are likely leaves that one would most definitely kick around, and yes, the sunshine is still admirable. But when hiking, one must navigate a marked (albeit confusing at times) trail through the forest, that dips along the water and meanders through different terrains of paths strewn with rocks, pine cones, tree branches and, of course, the aforementioned leaves; water and snacks are mandatory; at least one off-road detour is required.

into the woods

My second field trip to Red Top Mountain State Park was undoubtedly a HIKING excursion. No nature-walks here! *satisfied grin* This field trip was not as impromptu as was my first voyage to My Favorite Place in Georgia. This time I had company! A friend from work had heard me rave about it, and she was intrigued and anxious to get out and hike around. So get out we did, and hike we did, too!

A few of the most interesting shots of the day…

k tree  singing tree

Some people go to Joshua Tree – some people would rather seek a “K” tree or a singing tree.

beached whale?

A beached whale? In Georgia? At a LAKE?! Oh, wait, never mind.

floating winnebago

A floating Winnebago. Word.