Happy Birthday to ME!

3 01 2009

The big 2-9 needed a big 2-Do. Since my holiday time-off didn’t work out the way I wanted it to (in the grand scheme of things, I had 6 days off in a row at Christmas – not too shabby – unless you’re The Birthday Girl Princess who wanted 9 days off in a row!) I was back in Atlanta for my birthday instead of with Jayson and Paula, holding up my end of the We-Came-To-You-In-2008-So-You-Come-To-Us-In-2009 deal. I hate being the deal-breaker. So I decided that it was imperative to do something super-fun for my birthday here instead. And boy, fun was had!

I decided I would be having a K(risten)araoke Party. And after doing some Internet research – please tell me how we EVER lived without the Internet?! – things weren’t looking too promising on the Karaoke bar front. Until I learned about… METALSOME! Metalsome is a rock band that plays almost exclusively at the basement bar portion of the Dark Horse Tavern in Virginia-Highlands. Now that alone is not special or unique or implies anything that would be associated with my K(risten)araoke Party. Except that Metalsome doesn’t have a lead singer… until your name is called and you go up on stage to sing your heart out to any one of the songs on their long set-list. It’s killer.


So my name goes up in lights (aka a projected PowerPoint type slide on the TV screens around the bar) and all of a sudden, I’m up there belting out “Celebrity Skin” by Hole and later Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again.”


It’s a rock-star dream come true! Not a crappy birthday, if you ask me! I’m starting to plan Kristen’s Birthday Extravaganza 2010 – it’s a big one (30?!) so I figure I can dream big. Barcelona, anyone?!