Spring?! (again)

3 03 2009

I’ve heard that “April showers bring May flowers” but what exactly is it that March snow brings?!


Except, perhaps for pretty photo opportunities…




By about 5 p.m. or so, all roads were passable (even by Atlanta-drivers’ standards) and I went over to my friend Amy’s house for an evening of wine, cheese, bread, and great friends! It was a cozy and fabulous time… even if I did stay waaaaay past bedtime… and on a “school” night!


Water 3 – Kristen 0

2 03 2009

This is getting ridiculous. Wait, sorry, this has GOTTEN ridiculous. Three years in a row, almost to the week, there has been some water-related catastrophe in my home. Coast to coast, North to South, rainy climate to drought, I cannot escape my water woes. The 2009 edition of Kristen’s Crappy Water Karma was revealed this past Saturday morning as I was scurrying around my house at 8:15 in the morning trying to locate the metallic sounding,  nearly melodic, drip-drip-drip-drip-drip sound that was SOMEWHERE in my house. (It should also be noted that by this time, it had been RAINING – the capital letters are used purposefully in hopes they will adequately reflect the sheer MAGNITUDE of water that had been falling from the skies over Atlanta for the past 36 hours.) Luckily it was the second stop on my early morning reconnaissance that exposed the problem. Short version: there is water coming into my house. Long version… the wood molding above one of my living room windows was cracked and drips of water were seeping through the (60+ years of) paint layers, and either dripping down the window pane or falling onto the metal latch of my single-hung windows and splattering onto the floor. *sigh* Here’s the order of events as I remember it – 1) move the sofa, 2) mop up the puddles on the window sill and the floor, 3) lay down towels to keep from having to repeat #2, 4) rig up a system to soak up the dripping water (ie, tape a hand towel to the window), 5) call Dad. Who happens to be in Arizona, which is two long early-morning hours behind me here on the East Coast. And also infinitely better than if he were at home in Portland, which is THREE long early-morning hours behind!

But at least he could put some ideas into my head of how I was going to fix this problem. Get up on a ladder (which I would have to borrow from a neighbor because why would I have a ladder?!) and seal up the crack with some plumber’s putty, which is the only thing that might stand a chance at keeping the continuing downpour on the outside of my living room. This was only Step 1 in a multi-step project. (Those of you who know me well also know how I feel about multi-step projects… ick) Step 2 had to wait (yippee!) for the rains to cease and the sun to re-warm the earth and my siding. It also necessitates me purchasing some exterior-use caulking and a caulking gun to further and more permanently seal the window frame from the elements. Step 3 – clean out the gutters, which have the last two years of Autumn leaves negating any chance that rain water is being displaced from my room via the proper channels.

By the time I “took care of everything” the rain had stopped, and so had my living room window water feature. Luckily I re-worked the previously mentioned hand-towel-on-window system because when I woke up Sunday morning (after a long Saturday night of thunderstorms and torrential rains), the entire towel was soaked through and the water continued to drip through the towel and onto the towel-covered floor. Drat. It’s much worse today. Double-drat. I had to fashion a new water-collection system involving a plastic garbage bag, packing tape and two buckets on a side table.



 This was now too big for me to deal with. So I got on the phone to call any and every “handyman” in the book who might be able to help me. Let’s remember, though that it’s Sunday… south of the Mason Dixon line… and it’s now snowing… hard. Show of hands for anyone who thinks I’m going to get a call back before noon on Monday?! Miraculously I did get in touch with someone who came with some industrial-strength silicone magic sealant that can be applied to wet surfaces. Or so he told me – which at this point how can I not trust someone who is going to get up on a ladder in the freezing snowstorm to fix my window? Granted, I may or may not be in the same boat I was Sunday morning, thinking the problem was fixed and I was in the clear. And since the Atlanta forecast shows nothing but clear skies from now until infinity, I may never know if I’m fully sealed or not. But as long as it doesn’t rain, the window has no leak, and I have no problem! 🙂

Needless to say, I am not old enough to be in charge of a real house.