Cinco de Bravos!

5 05 2009

My friend Hollie came into town this week from Johnson City, TN, where she’s nearly half-way through PT school at East Tennessee State University! She did some volunteer observation hours with me at St. V’s, so I feel partially responsible for her brilliant career choice! ­čÖé┬á On the docket for our get-together was a Tuesday night Braves game! (Her first MLB game!) I got the Piedmont-special (2-for-1 tickets) and off we were.

Now, I’ve learned to NOT describe where I live as “down near Turner Field” – apparently it’s not the nicest area for living, though as far as ball-games go, I’ve seen worse! That being said, I will instead describe my ‘hood as “Turner Field-accessible.” We took back roads instead of the somewhat more-direct highway, and avoided ALL gameday traffic. As in, I was the only car on the streets! (In hindsight, perhaps that should have made me more nervous than it did.) Either way, we got a great parking spot with an AMAZING escape route at the end of the game. I will definitely remember it!


We made it to the game and into our seats just in time for the first pitch. (We missed the National Anthem, which hurts my soul┬áa little bit, but I recovered.) Our seats: nearly dead center and about 8 rows off the outfield wall, which isn’t as tall as I was imagining. We were definitely seated among the riff-raff, and the fact that it is Cinco de Mayo only adds to the level of intoxicating that our seat mates are acting. Sombreros were key to getting yourself and your friends on the JumboTron, which towered above us, just behind us over our left shoulders.

After amazing hot dogs and beer, we chatted briefly with some of my friends who were also enjoying the outfield seats. All of a sudden, we’re standing next to this man and his little son, and they’re obviously packing up and getting ready to leave (it’s closing in on 9:30 p.m. and the 7th inning by this time). The man hands us his very fancy tickets – he said, “they’re pretty nice seats” – Yeah, I’d agree that 8 ROWS BEHIND HOME PLATE are pretty damn nice seats!


Hello, Gary… David… nice to see you (up so close!) this evening!


There is a great differential between the personnel in the outfield seats and the 8-rows-behind-home-plate seats. Hecklers both, for certain, but there’s a witty and clever quality to the heckling (in addition to the drunk-speak language that knows no caste) down low that is sadly┬ámissing from the outfield jeers of “you suck!”


There’s my buddy Bobby Cox! I may or may not have asked him this once: “Is it in really poor taste, Sir, if I tell you that my brother is a pitcher?!” Of course he wanted to hear all about him, and his immediately made the connection between OSU and a certain lights-out closer currently the Braves system! Nice guy, that Bobby Cox. Don’t let those old YouTube videos of him spitting in the dirt at an umpire;s feet and kicking dirt onto their shoes in a blazing display of disagreement fool you!