Turning Broken, Trapped and Restless into Complete, Liberated and Fulfilled

28 07 2010

There is a new Plan for me. And yes, The Plan, is spelled with capital letters.

It is a multi-step project, which historically does not bode particularly well for Kristen of Instant Gratification. But the grand scale of The Plan necessitates organization and accomplishments made in several stages.

Baby steps.

And, I’m happy to report, the simple relinquishing of myself into the realization of The Plan has already made all the difference in me. I feel it. I am lighter, more optimistic, motivated toward this goal, even in the small baby steps I take.

And so it begins. Stage 1: Sell the House.

591 Warwick St SE – Atlanta, GA – 30316 – FMLS#: 4098583

The “good news” is that I’m not actually in a pressing must-sell situation, so I have the luxury of sitting back to just see what happens. If it sells in a week, GREAT! If it sells in 3 months, GREAT! If it’s still on the market in 6 months, well, it’s probably time to pull it off the market and revisit my selling strategy… But let’s focus on GREAT, shall we?!




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