Coming to you LIVE from 35,000 feet!

17 12 2010

This is a great day. Not only am I en route to Portland for a good old-fashioned Grbavac Family Christmas (6 for 6 ZG’s this year!!!), but I’m actually EN ROUTE as we speak… type… whatever. Delta flights have free onboard wi-fi for the holiday season. Merry Christmas to ME! This little nugget of free-ness feels like such an incredible luxury! I’m getting spoiled… I’ll probably have to budget some extra cash into my travel plans to accommodate my new onboard wi-fi addiction!

The Portland itinerary is definitely coming together… arrive late-ish Friday night to an already full Grba-house (Mom, Dad, Scott, Mark, Cousin Mike, and Cousin Katie)… Saturday will very likely bring a trek to the DuckShop for pictures with Santa Duck! (how can I pass that up this year?!)… Saturday night is the always epic Glug Party… Sunday night a new Cousin Christmas tradition will be born: Cousin Bar Night!… There’s Grbavac family Christmas supper at Mary Ann’s and a Ladies Day lunch and Nutcracker matinée downtown and meet-ups with friends and tons of great sibling togetherness time.

THIS is what Christmas looks like.




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