Mother. Physical Therapist. Sister. Writer. Wife. Sewing Enthusiast. Daughter. Friend. Duck.

My current home-base is Portland. But there’s nothing I love more than going and seeing and doing and being. I love road trips, train stations and airports. I like folding laundry and packing, both for vacations and in preparation for moving across the country. I would move to a new house every year, if I could!

I know that every voyage — whether it’s a road trip across the country or just being a tourist in your own hometown — has its moments of “I can’t wait to tell (fill in name here) about (fill in event/thought/story).” I re-tell my side of the story of the events and happenings of my adventures mostly for my own entertainment, but also to share with my family and friends who may or may not have been there adventuring along with me.

And somehow, the greatest events/thoughts/stories just seem to write themselves.


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21 07 2012
Nick Housley

Ms Grbavac,
I know this is a rather unconventional means of contact, but I am a prospective dpt student finishing up at uga and am in the process of building up my shadowing hours. I recently saw that the piedmont healthcare group had a rehab program. So I inquired more, and a nice young lady directed me to the spine center homepage, but I was unable to find any contact info on the site. So after a little research I found this! (I know its a long winded question, sorry) But I was wondering if you would be able to have me shadow you for some inpatient experience? Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Nick Housley

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