Things That Make Me Happy

Have you ever seen the book 14,000 Things To Be Happy About? It’s a darling little brick of a book that is essentially a stream-of-consciousness list that Dr. Barbara Ann Kipfer started writing when she was 12 years old: “It was just a small spiral notebook that I carried with me for noting things that brought happiness to me or others. One notebook became two, then multiplied, got bigger, eventually turned into computer files and, 20 years later, became the book!” I bought the book when I was in college (I think?) and had initially committed to reading two pages of “happiness” every night. I can’t remember how long I stuck to that conviction, but I’m thinking it may be time for its reinstatement.

Or even better… I’ll make my OWN list!*   Check back often for updates and new sources of happiness!

*NOT in any particular order!

Baseball… extra bonus points for the New York Yankees

Road Trips

Awesome vocabulary words… flippant, surreptitiously, accoutrements, clandestine…


Jill, Scott and Mark: The Best Siblings. Ever.


October… pretty much the entire month

Eating out at fun/delicious restaurants

Friends… extra bonus points for the “lifers” among you!


Car Kareoke

Eating cereal for dinner

Taking pictures… extra bonus points for really good pictures!

Coffee… in a multitude of forms

Pink iPod

Hugs… extra bonus points for the really good ones!


Oregon Ducks

Broadway musicals


Thanksgiving leftovers


Wine corks… especially the ones with a date of a special occasion written on them!

Crossword puzzles

Christmas trees

Real Simple magazine

Hysterical/ridiculous/random quotes from patients, doctors, family members, strangers…


Curling… the incredible, challenging, and impressive Olympic sport

Airports… extra bonus points for the times I’m picking up fabulous visitors!

Hearing the perfect song… even a sad one.

Slumber parties

Snow days

Christmas lights


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